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Should I File for Bankruptcy?

Ask yourself these general questions, and if you answer "Yes" to any of them, you should explore bankruptcy more closely as an alternative to dealing with your financial problems.


  • Do you have trouble paying your debts?


  • Have you been sued and fear you might have to pay a lot of money in a court judgment?


  • Has the court issued a judgment for a judicial garnishment?  


If the answer is [Yes], press [Here].


  • ¿Have you been sued in a foreclosure action?


  • Has a foreclosure date been scheduled for your house?  


If the answer is [Yes], press [Here].


  • Is the foreclosure sale of your house nearly imminent?  


If the answer is [Yes], press [Here].

  • Do you not know how to protect your home from collection efforts?

  • Do you still not know what the Texas Homestead Law is and don't know who to ask? 


If the answer is [I don't know], press [Here].


  • Are you behind on payments for your home mortgage?


  • Are you behind on payments for your auto loan? 


If the answer is [Yes], press [Here].


  • Has the creditor threatened to repossess your car due to non-payment? 


If the answer is [Yes], press [Here].


  • Is your car going to be sold at auction in a few days? 


If the answer is [Yes], press [Here].


  • Did you lose your job and don't know how you'll pay your creditors?

  • Are you disabled and no longer able to generate the same income as before?


  • Has your medical treatment cost you all your savings?


  • Do you not understand the charges on your credit cards and find them unfair? 


If the answer is [Yes], press [Here].


  • Have the constant letters, calls, or visits from collectors stolen your peace of mind?

If the answer is [Yes], press [Here].


There are many reasons why a person can struggle to face their debts.


You may identify with one or more of the situations described above, or your concern may be different.


For each of these situations and others, a bankruptcy consultation can be the beginning of a definitive solution to your worries.

What is Bankruptcy?

Online Questionnaire

PDF Questionnaire

Forms and Documents

Use our Free Online Questionnaire to quickly get more tailored answers to your situation and find out once and for all if bankruptcy is the solution you need. 


You can also fill out our comprehensive bankruptcy questionnaire in PDF format, also at no cost, so that we can assist you even more specifically.

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